Real Madrid sign Mbape still have a chance!


Paris is afraid to sell people because of punishment “The introduction of Mbape is still possible!” “The introduction of Mbape is still possible!”
” “The introduction of Mbape is still possible!” The Spanish Aspen newspaper said in a recent report that if big Paris were to be punished by Uefa for violating the Economic Fair Competition Act, they would not be able to buy Mbape and Real would have the chance to introduce the star.

Real Madrid chairman Florentino, holding 300 million euros, is likely to be waiting for Mbape. Uefa is about to make a decision and Real Madrid is also awaiting the decision, the Aspen newspaper said. Greater Paris may be penalized for violating the Economic Fair Competition Act. The big Paris will have to buy out Mbape in the next Monday, meaning to pay 180 million euros to the Monaco club, which would break Uefa’s two restrictions: a cap on players ‘ wages and a balance between income and spending.

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Such a punishment would push Mbape to Real Madrid.

The Aspen newspaper believes that with Serie A and the Premier League transfer market closed, only Real Madrid in Europe now has the ability to introduce Mbape and Florentino has prepared enough money.

According to the Mbape, under a contract between Grand Paris and Monaco, the loan expires in Monday and UEFA will resolve issues related to the big Paris by August 30, and Real Madrid have a chance to introduce Mbape before August 31. UEFA started a new investigation into the big Paris account in July and just suspended the investigation one months ago. “Indeed, at the beginning of the summer, we again asked Uefa to re-examine the Germain,” said Tevas, chairman of the Spanish Professional Football League.

” The UEFA Commission, chaired by Hose Cunha, the former Portuguese prosecutor, has the right to sanction PSG. They’ve been punishing AC Milan before.

If the big Paris can’t set aside 90 million euros in quotas, they won’t be able to help, and if the big Paris can’t buy Mbape, then he will be Real Madrid’s number one target. The big Paris, which spent 222 million euros in introducing Neymar, had “ran red lights”, and because of this, they introduced Mbape on loan, and now they have to pay 180 million euros for a transfer or return the players to Monaco. The UEFA Fair Competition Act stipulates that clubs that do not meet the requirements “cannot register new players in UEFA competitions”.

If Mbape from loan to transfer, that PSG may violate the rules. Florentino is waiting for an opportunity to offend the great Paris, which is why he did not dig Neymar and Mbape directly, but if Mbape left the great Paris and returned to Monaco, it was another matter, “the Aspen newspaper said. Real Madrid’s number 7th jersey has never been worn, and perhaps this jersey is for Mbape.

Argentina’s Buenos Aires (AP) San Lorenzo football team has just scored a decisive goal to qualify for the Libertadores Cup

. But in the position behind one of the goals, the fans of the Argentina team barely noticed.

In those seats reserved for the most enthusiastic followers, no one pays enough attention to the game. Under the team’s blue and red banner ocean, many players are almost impossible to see the stadium, the fans jumped up and jumped up and sang. They played trumpet and hit 铙and and sang pop songs while the lyrics changed, turning them into a carol of their team.

Carolina Rutkoweski shook her arm and shook her hips and sang: “San Lorenzo, I think I can’t explain / I’ll be with you forever / because blue and red flow in my soul,” Luis’s music Fonsi Hit “Despacito”.

“You feel the football game in your body, through your blood vessels. There is no need to look at it.” The 44-year-old lady with her young son beside her, dressed in blue and red sacred Lorenzo shirt, said at the end of the half match with another Argentine team Chacarita.

San Lorenzo is not a strong team like the Boca Juniors or the River Plate, but its fan base is known for its talent in rewriting local popular songs, turning them into stadium songs. Although fierce competition sometimes becomes violent, other teams recognize San Lorenzo’s creativity and often modify the hymn for their own cheers.

In the weeks before the start of the World Cup, San Lorenzo fans wrote a new song for the Argentine national team, hoping that it would be welcomed by players and audiences just like the people who sang on the stadium during the last World Cup. National Brazil According to the melody of the Creedence Clearwater revival, “Oh Brazilian, tell me how it feels.”

“San Lorenzo’s song tells a story. It’s not just about putting together rhyming lines,” said Sergio Pelihan, one of the singers.

“There are war songs in football culture that are like calling weapons. However, our songs don’t have much insults or references to drugs. Our goal is to celebrate, not to inspire violence.”

San Lorenzo gained some prestige in 2013 when one of his fans, an Argentinian Cardinal George Mario Berglolio, became Pope. Then, when football fans clamored for the football-themed version of “Despacito”, it once again became famous. This version consisted of a small group of believers named “Escuela de Tablones” (“Board School”) in commemoration of many wooden pieces. Seating stadium. The 诵 was spread on social media and was then occupied by stadium crowds in Spain, Portugal, Italy, South Korea, Brazil, Uruguay and Ecuador.

Fonsi was surprised at this phenomenon. He thanked San Lorenzo: “You are the first to accept Despacito’s melody and turn it into a song to cheer for your team.”

The new song was recorded by a wooden board outside a house in Buenos Aires and was released last month. This song is based on Fonsi’s other song, “chamela culpa.” Wood said that they contacted the Puerto Rican singer’s record company and agreed to let them record the football theme version.

San Lorenzo is one of the top five football clubs in Argentina and was founded in 1908 in a middle class suburb of Buenos Aires. Initially, the team played in a stadium called “ElGas metro” because it resembled an industrial gas field until 1979, when the country’s military rulers occupied the land that was later sold to French supermarket chains.

In the 14 years of San Lorenzo’s lack of base, it was played in borrowed stadiums and was often the target of opponents’ jokes and contempt. At that time, fans began to answer with homemade chants.

A group of fans, their arms covered with tattoos, raised cy. Others put the horn or trombone to the mouth. Their leader, imitating orchestra conductors, gave the signal. Within minutes, viewers will join them, including women and children, sing the lyrics they already know, Creedence Clearwater Revival’s football theme version, Oasis, Enrique Iglesias, Maluma and more.

Just as the players in their locker room stretched their muscles before the game, music fans prepared their harmony, practicing lyrics that rallied around social media and WhatsApp messaging teams over the past few days.

“It’s like a multiplication table. You try to memorize them,” said Andrea Lopezo’s fan, Andrea Epifanio. I play songs on the phone and sing with them, and I won’t let other people think so badly. “

When they were rehearsing under the stands, “We tried to figure out whether people would like this song,” said Diego Jerkovic, a member of the board. He said that less than 10% of the songs they wrote would bring it to the stadium.

In the past few decades, violence has cast a shadow over Argentine football. At least 323 people have been killed in the conflict.

Cristiano Ronaldo shares a lovely new family photo to celebrate his twin’s first

Cristiano Ronaldo shares a lovely new family photo to celebrate his twin’s
A lot of happy returns, Eva Maria and Mateo!

The lovely twins of Cristiano Ronaldo became a Tuesday on Tuesday when their Real Madrid star father shared a complete set of himself, his twins, his 7-and-a-half-year-old son Cristiano and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez. Self-service swimming pool.

To complete the family’s picturesque moments, hanging outside the pool next to her proud parents was their daughter Alana Martina, who looked comfortable sitting in the baby seat for six months.

“My babies Eva and Matteo are celebrating their first birthday today!” said 33-year-old Ronaldo, whose Portuguese gunfire was shot. “Congratulations, my dear child!”

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Cedar Rapids Xavier defeated Marion 3-1 in a 3-1 women’s soccer district final on February 2nd

The Saints (10-6) won the State Championship for the 15th time in 16 years


Cedar Rapids Xavier defeated Marion 3-1 in the 2A Women’s Football Regional Finals.
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The Marion – Cedar Rapids Xavier Women’s Soccer Team respects Marion’s offensive ability.

The Indians boasted the dual threat of 24 extra points, which caused Xavier to need constant defensive pressure.

This will not be relaxed until the outcome is decided.

“We know they are very fast,” said coach Xavier Chris Higgins of the second year, who said that the 11th ranked Saints only allowed three shots and beat 6-1 in Tuesday’s 2A regional final. No. Marion, Marion High School. “There are some spikes in their team. There are many goals this year. In most cases, 99% of our time we have done a good job defensively.”

Wins Xavier (10-6) – A project that includes nine state championships, including eight consecutive games in the 2006-13 season – the 15th State Championship in 16 years.

On Thursday, the Saints will hold the 2A quarter-finals at the Cownie Football Park in Des Moines.

After scoring five goals in the first five games, Xavier scored 31 points in the past 11 games. Elena Minor scored a goal in the 26th minute, this is her fifth goal this season.

“At the beginning of the year, we had a lot of new players and they were used to them,” Minor said. “As the season continues, we perform better as a team and the offense improves.”

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With 24:51 left in the game, Minor passed to the second-year Quinn Hanigan on the fifth assist of the season. He led the Saints 2-0 with the fourth goal of the season.

Hanigan said: “Elena’s slots do bring a difference. “All I have to do is mine it. ”

The second goal of the season and the team’s sixth goal of the season have increased slightly and replaced the penalty in the 63rd minute, pushing Xavier’s advantage to 3-0.

In the first half, Xavier defeated Marion 6-0, 13 and 3.

“We just tried to have the ball and stay in touch,” said Xavier guard Avery Campbell. “Stay behind.”

Marion freshman Graescott scored the 27th goal of the season’s best team in just 10 seconds. This season, Junior O’Neire Smith created the team’s highest 16 assists while Coates ranked 12th in all goals.

The Indians (13-2) finished their season in the regional finals for the second consecutive year.

“This is a tough day,” Marin coach Eric Trilk said. “In the end, I just told them that I think they played well. They might play well today.”

What may be needed is having a clean slate, who is not burdened by the disappointment of the past with respect to Brighton Football.

What may be needed is having a clean slate, who is not burdened by the disappointment of the past with respect to Brighton Football.

Enter Justina L’Esperance and a freshman participates in Hartland’s first state match. Uruguay USA Premier League Arsenal

She is completely familiar with Brighton’s performance at any time, but has not experienced the loss of the bulldog season at the end of the past two seasons or the history of the Hawks in the playoffs against them.

What she knew was that in her short career, she was unbeaten at the State Championships in Brighton. In the game with 10:49 left, Hartland reversed the rankings by 2-1 on Tuesday. The second Bulldogs team competed in the 1st district area.

The Hawks defeated Brighton in the final of the playoffs with a score of 14:54 and ended the six-game losing streak in the game.

“They are our biggest competitors, so it’s really good to bring it home because we haven’t beaten them for a long time,” Esperance said.

The last victory for Hartland on Brighton on May 1, 2014 was 3 to 1. Since then, the Hawks have opposed Bulldogs 0-7-2 and were rejected in the last five meetings.
Brighton’s McCully Barry (14) fights for the ball

On Tuesday, May 29, 2018, Brighton’s MacCulley Barry (14) competed against the storm of Mary of Hartland during a regional football game. (Photo: Bill Khan / Livingston Daily)

“When they entered the playoffs, they always had our numbers, so we knew they were a great team to enter this game, the last time we beat our high ranked team,” said Hartland coach Andrew Kartsounes said.

Hartland (12-6-2) scored 16th and 18th in the first two rounds of voting this season and entered the state match. The Hawks disappeared from the ranking after the start of 3-6-1. They reversed things and won their last seven games.

Through the ups and downs, the Hawks never ignored their goals.

“We started discussing it from the beginning of the season, worked hard during the off-season in the lounge, performed functional training in practice, and always worked hard,” said Harriland Junior Olivia Foster. “This has always been our goal, not only to defeat Brighton but also to win the region.”

The next step of this task will begin at 5 pm. Hwy Willy at Brighton Sloan on Wednesday. Howell defeated the lake in the western lakeside 4-2 in a first round of the division.

Brighton (13-2-3) scored a 1-0 lead in the first half when Kyle Siams scored. Most of the time, this is enough to ensure the Bulldog’s victory. They only lost 7 goals in 17 regular season games and released 10 closes. Only once Brighton gave up more than one goal in one game.

“We felt comfortable when we were 1-0,” said Brighton coach Ryan Carrier. “They played some games at the end of the game and attacked aggressively. In the end we had some chances. The momentum in the second half shifted for about 15 minutes. Then we started to have a chance. This is a game of ebb and flow. Players know each other well. Both have great players. ”

Hartland ended the drought with a score on Brighton. Foster had a short shot under the crossbar with 14 minutes 54 seconds left.

“My teammate Way was right in the middle of the field,” Foster said. “She has a bunch of Brighton players around her. There are no people around me, so I just wait for the ball to come out and try to be in the right place at the right time. I just tried to put it in the frame and then I went in.”

Sports has always played a proxy role in politics or conflict. Since ancient Greece’s earliest martial arts origins, through the Cold War boycotts of Los Angeles in 1980 and Los Angeles in 1984, and continuing to today’s state-sponsored training programs, the Olympic Games always feels like many peacock contests between countries as many as between athletes.

Sports has always played a proxy role in politics or conflict. Since ancient Greece’s earliest martial arts origins, through the Cold War boycotts of Los Angeles in 1980 and Los Angeles in 1984, and continuing to today’s state-sponsored training programs, the Olympic Games always feels like many peacock contests between countries as many as between athletes.

Football generally tends to avoid this narrative. Until now. As the Olympic Movement has surpassed its reputation as the world’s largest cultural phenomenon in its global reputation, it has been pushed into the geopolitical big-name playground. Football has become more of a macropolitical football than ever before.   Town Swansea City

In recent weeks, everyone has seen this evidence, announced reform proposals for the FIFA Club World Cup, and launched a global league league. After announcing its plan to Bogota’s FIFA Council in March, its president, Gianni Infantino, told members that the project will sell 49% of its shares to third parties for the acquisition of FIFA for US$25 billion.

Although he rejected the council’s investor status, he was shocked to cite the non-disclosure agreement signed by him. According to the “Financial Times” report, the cash came from Softbank, a global technology investor, led by Japanese businessman Sun Yizheng. This tells us a lot about the motivation of investors.
Diplomatic conflict

The biggest investment in Softbank is the $45 billion invested by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. The fund is currently developing a more ambitious worldview under the leadership of its Crown Prince Sheikh Muhammad bin Salman. Another Softbank minority shareholder is the Arab Emirates, and the Abu Dhabi emirate has gained a lot from football through the possession of the Manchester City Premiership team.

Saudi Arabia seems to want to develop some soft power forecasts for itself. This is not just because of the tense relations between Saudi Arabia and its neighbor Qatar in recent months. In June last year, Saudi Arabia led an alliance of Arabic-speaking countries that cut off relations with the world’s largest gas-producing country and actually caused a blockade.

One of the frontiers of this diplomatic conflict is football, which led to the systematic piracy of a Saudi outfit called BeOutQ into the BeIN SPORTS of the Qatar Broadcasting Corporation. This completely destroyed beIN’s business model and brought headaches to Qatar itself. It now appears that Saudi Arabia may also be targeting Qatar’s global football festivities, which is the 2022 World Cup that it plans to host.

After a restructuring of the FIFA Club World Cup and the new Global Union Championships and a 49% stake in Softbank partners, Saudi Arabia will have a huge impact on clubs and international football. Anyone can guess how this will be achieved. However, with the arrival of the planned start date of the new club World Cup in 2021, it is unlikely that Saudi Arabia will make large-scale football investments near the big day in Qatar.

The ambitious new championship plan won the favor of the FIFA President, who in turn has been pursuing teams such as Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Liverpool and Manchester United. But there are still strong opposition from other established football interests, especially the impact of European clubs and leagues. This may make people feel familiar and insignificant because for some time Qatar faces boycotts from major European clubs because it plans to host the Winter World Cup in 2022 just because these objections will eventually be quelled. However, this time, the opposition of the football community is even more difficult to resolve.

After taking off his shirt and jumping out of the fence, Mason McClendon triumphantly raised his right arm and his teammates clamored to chase him.

After taking off his shirt and jumping out of the fence, Mason McClendon triumphantly raised his right arm and his teammates clamored to chase him.

McClendon’s triple overtime goal limited a significant comeback to promote the unbeaten past of the No. 4 Seed First Colony and top seed Grasser 3-2 in the men’s football semifinals in zone 6 zone A.  Sunderland Birmingham City

The first colony will play Cox in the finals at 7pm. Friday in Kellam. Both teams have gained a place in the state championships. Prior to the pilot’s publication, Cox defeated Kellem.

“Words cannot be described,” McClendon said. “How many times did you not have that moment?”

To achieve this moment, the Patriots (13-4-1) need to overcome the 2-0 deficit in the last 6 minutes. Madness desperately needed more offense. The first time the colony did this, at the 74th minute, Wilfried and Kendall Cooper scored in the 75th minute.

“We changed the lineup,” said Patriot coach Juice Pantophlet. “We have left what we usually play. We go more direct. We know they can’t stop our forwards, so we let them chase us more directly. This changes our game.”

The revival of the Patriots continued into the first two overtime games, but confirmed that Clifford believes they are better teams. Despite losing 3-1 to Grassfield earlier this season.

“We know that we are better teams regardless of the score,” Clifford said. “As long as we continue to advance, we will eventually return. Mason once did it for us.”

Further stimulating the Patriots is the news of teammate cancer diagnosis this season. Juvenile John Byrd is currently undergoing chemotherapy for cancerous germ cell tumors. Although he is unable to participate in the semi-finals, he supports the team through Twitter.

“We just wanted to do it for him,” Clifford said. He and his teammates, including McClendon, shaved his head for Bird.

“I think this is helping us to complete these games,” McClendon said. The Patriots are the winners of 10 of their last 11 games. “This is why we continue to move forward and move on.”

At the same time, Grassfield’s unbeaten run ended. The Grizzlies (14-1-2) advanced towards the national championship seats, when Chase Klopp led them 1-0 in 8 minutes.

At 56 minutes, Kaiden Fields quickly counterattacked with the help of Cullop.

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Since winning the 2013 State Championships, Naperville North has not yet reached the 3A Women’s Football semifinals. For a successful project like the Huskies, this is a long time.

Since winning the 2013 State Championships, Naperville North has not yet reached the 3A Women’s Football semifinals. For a successful project like the Huskies, this is a long time.  Girona Las Palmas Leganes

“Entering this game is what I wanted for the past three years. I was very surprised. I am very happy to be able to share it with the elderly I have been training for four years, and (Coach Steve) Goletz, “Huskies United Captain Catherine Buscher said.

In the past two seasons, the Huskies have finally returned to the state. They defeated Bellville in the north by 1-0 in the Lewis University draft on Tuesday.

Naperville North will play Barrington at 5pm. Friday at the Central Academy in Naperville. The team scored 2-2 in the first game of the season in March.

The only goal for this game was in the 57th minute. After Huskies defender Reilly Riggs took the ball to Buescher, Leah Shumate kicked a free kick in front of Maroons’s goal. Buescher defeated the vast Bellville West goalkeeper Belly Riden and threw the ball into the goal.

“We know that their goalkeeper is very good, so I must make sure I’m the first goalkeeper there, and she puts her hand down and pushes it away, and grabs it on her lap. It’s just stronger, goal,” Buescher said.

Did Redden grab it?

“No, she didn’t, I promise,” Busch said.

At that time it began to think that the first goal would win the game.

“You see their center guards. Their goalkeeper is crazy. They are fine,” Buschner said. “But I think we’re just better, I know our line of defense can handle anything, so this is really going to take us a chance to get rid of. We have a lot to close (17) so it just keeps it and gets One of the goals. ”

Naperville North has most of the ball possession in the entire game, giving up some Marlons at the end of the first half and the beginning of the second quarter. Bellvierty manages only 4 shots. Belleville West scored the best scoring opportunity in the 42nd minute when a header from the corner kicked the crossbar.

“I think we have a lot of opportunities in the first 20 minutes of the game and we can’t take it away,” Goletz said. “I started flashback last year. We were playing better there, and we didn’t find a way and entered a game. Everyone knew what would happen. These girls have always been very focused on trying to get back here.”

This goal seems to only give the Huskies more motivation, just as they did at the start of the game, and they pushed the action to Ryden’s goal. Redden saved Maddie Hausmann 2 times 9 times, which is the advantage of the Siberian Huskies and the strong back line.

“They are excellent,” Busch said to the defense. “Jessie Siebers, excellent, she took the ball (all states Belleville striker Taylor Mathenia) out, then when the ball passed and passed through Jesse, there were (Riggs, Alyssa Siebers and Sarah Stokes) where she had to put It’s clean, Mady, they are excellent. “

Since the establishment of the North Shore Country Day Women’s Soccer Team in 1995, the program has never held state championships.

Since the establishment of the North Shore Country Day Women’s Soccer Team in 1995, the program has never held state championships.

This year’s situation has changed because sophomores Allie Charnas and Edith Edwards-Mizel advanced to the second place in Group 1A.

Forward Edwards-Mizel led the team into 28 goals, including the winner of the overtime game on Friday, sending the assailants to U-High and entering the state finals.  Everton Leicester City Liverpool

The North Shore defeated Champion Quincy Notre Dame 5-1 on Saturday and finished second.

Charnas was a 5-foot-4 midfielder and was threatened threefold in the team’s game. Her first choice was to pass, then dribble and finally shoot. As a stable organizer, she slipped through the defensive team under pressure, and each touch had a purpose.

“She was very fast. It was a hidden weapon because she passed the ball well,” coach Liz Geffen said. “Her job in the midfield is to win 50-50 goals. She is our best player. When she can be assigned, she then works with Edith.”

In addition to coaching Charnas, Gifen also serves as her English teacher and academic advisor. This gave them ample forum for exchanges, especially during the football season.

“I saw Alley really exaggerated, and ‘I have too much homework’ Ali,” Gifen said. “She is a very happy child. She likes to play football. She likes to exercise. She is also a serious student. She is an all-around player.”

On the court, the hard work of Charnas from the local AYSO Alliance at the age of five is about to bear fruit. She is also a member of the hockey team and follows her father and brother as commando athletes.

“I really like my family has been here for so long,” said Chalners. “My father is a maid, my brother is a maid, and now I am a maid. This means being important to me.

“I grew up watching these sports and listening to my brother and my father’s story. Keeping them at the same level, even further, the men’s team has never been so far away. Respecting my father and my brother is very important to me. “.

Her brother CJ Charnas played team football on the North Coast and graduated in 2016. Charnas brothers and sisters treat their backyard games very seriously.

“I think this definitely helped me, and that’s why I play football, play with my brother, and join him,” Allie Charnas said. “When I was young, he was not easy for me. When I was in the first grade of primary school and he was in the fifth place, we will always be in our backyard.”

Allie Charnas played with the Wilmette Wings Football Club and joined her father Chris Charnas, a former football player and the 1983 North Coast graduates – and her most inspiring fans.

“If I think I haven’t tried my best, he always tells me everything I did well,” Allie Charnas said. “He was the one who made my negative self talk break.”

Chris Charnas said he was very proud that his daughter had completed this season at his alma mater.

“Great pride, this is amazing,” Chris Charnas said. “She did better (they) than me. They are writing all the records.”

When the American Men’s National Team participates in the friendly match next week, it will not only bring new faces to the fans.

When the American Men’s National Team participates in the friendly match next week, it will not only bring new faces to the fans.  Juventus AS Roma Lazio

It will also introduce a new look.

USMNT will make its debut on the new jersey during the match with Bolivian Memorial Day on Monday. This light-colored jersey was introduced to the public in March and was worn for the first time by the U.S. women’s national team in April – and the black jersey previously worn by men is very different from the American jersey of the past.

The horizontal line changes from basic white to blue and then turns red. There is also a diagonal flow in the color scheme of these lines, which is nodded for Americans’ previous movements of window frames.

There is also constant criticism of American football players. While other countries such as Argentina, Brazil, the Netherlands and Croatia have created easily recognizable traditional appearances, the United States has not. In contrast, North America continues to make major changes to its suite, whether it is design or color scheme.

In the past decade alone, there has been a clear difference in appearance. Americans have been wearing white homes in grey belts since 2010 and big red hoops two years later. The main top used on the 2014 World Cup is white, a very fine gray horizontal line, and a light blue color on a white jersey shoulder and sleeve.

There are even more road sports jerseys in most countries and even the third set of regular launches – and you have a huge, differently shaped American jersey. Do not expect to change.

“I think it would be impossible to make everyone happy. So what we did was try to try it,” Mike Gressle, director of marketing for football in the United States, told Pro Soccer USA. “I think you will see clues for more cohesion or more common jersey design in the future, although that doesn’t mean it will be as uniform as other countries like Brazilians, Italians and The way to stabilize the Dutchman.

“These are very, very unique and there are many traditions. We respect this, but for us, we think this breed is really what most fans want, so we tend to let designers have more in this area There is room for. ”

Which jersey details will be kept to provide common clues for the future is unknown, but one point has been merged more with the use of stars. The 2017 kit, designed for the CONCACAF Gold Cup last summer, has celebrity sleeves, while the new top has an eagle and 13 star graphics, although this is inside the jersey.

Read about the MLS’ suite creation process

The inclusion of these elements of the national flag gives the fans more patriotic feelings. According to the American Football Brand Director Kebra Delly, having a jersey to represent “American Spirit” is the core of American football’s hope to benefit from its jersey design, and it makes the jersey a miniature of the Union style.

“The other thing we observe and work closely with Nike is how we communicate our brand tone and personality, which is actually modern, young, active and timeless,” Bradley said in an interview with Pro Soccer USA. Indicated. “We are ensuring when we can collaborate with Nike and look at the jersey that our personality element is passing, because we know that this is what motivates the fans.”

This American sweatshirt and previous sweatshirt was completed in collaboration with Nike and took about 18 months. The development process begins with a series of team meetings, in which American football briefs sportswear giants on their goals and how fans view brands. Nike then went back and created a concept for the jersey inside. These were later submitted to the Commonwealth and both sides conducted a dialogue.

Of course, how players feel things. The development was late, and usually about one year before the shirt was released, Nike gave a speech to the national team players in the camp. Players also test the performance of the product. Players don’t always wear finished products or see the palette, but they wear the exact cut and design of the kit and provide feedback from a technical perspective. Nike will then obtain this information and make changes as needed, eventually agreeing with American football to determine the appearance of the final product.

Under normal circumstances, the public is shocked.

American fans often dismiss the new suite. This happens almost every time. Considering that drastic changes in any situation usually require an adjustment period, this is an understandable response. For example, supporters in Argentina, Brazil, and Peru don’t seem to argue too much about their home accessories because they know more